Vegetarian baking



It was National Vegetarian week last week. We didn’t get around to writing this post then but we did think a lot about how veggie friendly we are as bakers and caterers and  we’d like to share this with you.

Beetroot and chard quiches

Beetroot and chard quiches

We’re both interested in vegetarian food. Lynne is a committed veggie and Becky is a pescatarian with occasional lapses!  For us veggie food can be the star of the show not just an afterthought. Especially when using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients whcih we pride ourselves in doing. We don’t advertise ourselves as vegetarian caterers but veggie guests are always delighted with what we usually have on offer. Lunch, dinner or afternoon tea menus will often include seasonal veggie quiches such as: wild garlic and mushroom; spinach and feta; beetroot and goat’s cheese. We also do a fabulous frittata with eggs, potatoes, onions and home grown herbs or seasonal veggies such as rainbow chard or french beans.

range of savoury cakes

  savoury cakes- ok some have smoked salmon on but most are veggie!

We do like to be as adventurous as  our clients desire and do a splendid  range  of savoury cakes such as our:  fig, walnut and goats cheese loaf  cake; cheese and herb muffins and  olive and pesto cup cakes. We love  foraging and make our own wild garlic  pesto when it’s wild garlic season  (just coming to an end now).

vegan rhubarb cake

Vegan rhubarb cake



We cater for vegans too. We’ve recently branched out into vegan baking and so far have been pleased with our vegan brownies, vegan rhubarb cake and vegan fruit cake.


Both of us are concerned about animal welfare and whilst we do serve meat when wanted we buy it  from local butchers so we know it has come from local farms and how the animals have been reared.

We buy all our eggs from local farms where we know the hens are able to roam around and do natural hen like things: running, flapping,clucking,scratching and pecking and haven’t just been kept in Barns with sides that lift up during the day: unfortunately that’s the case for a lot of eggs labelled “free range”. One of our suppliers is The Rainbow Egg Company a 4.5 acre family run poultry farm in Oxenhope in beautiful Bronte country.

cowsWe’ve just committed ourselves to buying all our milk and cream from a local dairy. Our new supplier is Fieldhead Farm near Keighley so we know that the cows our milk comes from have been outside grazing in fields around Skipton, Keighley and Baildon and it comes straight to our door when we need it.  It’s more expensive than supermarket  milk but tastes better and we’re much happier that we know it’s not come from zero grazing farms with cows kept inside all year long. See the Compassion in farming website for more information and to watch cows happy to get out into spring pasture.

So if you love local seasonal food and care about animals we are the caterers for you!







Book-inspired Tea Parties

The Guardian recently asked: what are the best cakes based on children’s books?

Back in September, we provided a book-inspired pop-up tearoom for Ossett’s “Festival in a Day”, as  part of Wakefield’s Literature Festival. Many of our menu items came from much-loved children’s books, such as Mrs Rabbit’s Blackberry Buns and Chamomile Tea (from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit). We love books, tea and cakes, so this was a great opportunity to put the two together.

Please click here to view our book inspired menu. Don’t forget to scroll down to the second page to see our cakes and quotes!


We could do a book-inspired tea room for any book lovers, young and old. This would be ideal for a birthday party, for instance . We know many children (and grown-ups!) who would love Mad Hatter cupcakes or Harry Potter’s favourite, Treacle Tart.

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Corporate Events.

Pop-up Tea room at Deloitte Leeds Office ! City Square

Pop-up Tea room at Deloitte Leeds Office, 1 City Square. We transformed their conference room into a pop-up tearoom for the afternoon in October

Tea and cake delivered!

Tea and cake delivered! Covering reception shouldn’t mean missing out


Having a treat for staff and also raising money for their favourite charity St Gemma’s Hospice